Coming to Firefox and Safari: A companion to solve your puzzle mysteries

  • Posted November 19th, 2008 at 9:00 am by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: Fun

You puzzle lovers out there may remember that we launched a crossword puzzle game that combined the Search Assist feature to provide helpful hints from Yahoo! Search last Fall. After all, many of us aren’t born with the natural “crossword gene” (myself included) and having a helping hand to unscramble the word simply doubles the fun.

Search Games FP

Many users told us that they really enjoyed the game and were sad when it was removed after a brief period of time. That’s why we teamed up with Yahoo! Games and worked hard to create two games that are refreshed daily – Daily Crossword and Hollywood Jumble. Following the recent launch on for Internet Explorer, we are thrilled to announce that they are now live for Firefox and Safari.

Crossword 4

So take a break and give yourself a brain boost with the puzzle games powered by Yahoo! Search.

Good luck and have fun.

Christina Lee
Yahoo! Search

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