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  • Posted October 31st, 2008 at 8:00 am by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: SearchMonkey

We often talk about the growing number of interesting SearchMonkey applications that have been built by developers. Many of the applications live in the Yahoo! Search Gallery, but quite a few aren’t accepted for various reasons. Today, we’re introducing SearchMonkey experimental applications to give developers a way to share their apps with early-adopting users. We think the early feedback that these users can provide will be extremely helpful for developers. This also gives users who opt-in an even wider variety of apps from which to choose.

When developers submit their app to the gallery in the SearchMonkey Developer Tool, it will be reviewed by our team. The parameters for inclusion in the gallery are relatively straightforward, but often minor details such as a missing logo or a non-conditional display can keep innovative apps from reaching the gallery. Starting today, even if an app doesn’t meet all of the gallery guidelines, it will still be quickly approved as an experimental app provided the basic functionality operates as designed and we don’t initially see any other major issues with it.

To view experimental applications, simply click on the ‘Show Experimental Enhancements’ link at the bottom of the application directory pages in the gallery.


Once you’ve opted in, you can access all the experimental SearchMonkey applications and provide direct feedback as well as feature requests to the developers. You can also get automatic upgrades to the latest versions when changes are made to the applications.

Let us know what interesting applications you’ve discovered!

Nick Cox
Yahoo! Search

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