The BOSS Team Goes Back to School

  • Posted October 22nd, 2008 at 11:00 am by Yahoo! Search
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A few weeks ago, the BOSS team invited a handful of the top academic minds in information retrieval to join us at our Sunnyvale campus for the BOSS Academic Research Day. In addition to the professors and grad students from Stanford, MIT, UMass, University of Illinois and Purdue, we also invited ten senior researchers from Yahoo!.

We had several goals for the day: to share knowledge, exchange ideas and gather product feedback. Our researchers presented their vision for where search is headed and summarized a number of the toughest research challenges we face as a company and industry. The academics shared summaries of how they’re currently using BOSS in their research as well as how they’d like to use it in the future. That’s where the product feedback came in.

Our academic colleagues didn’t hold back when it came to sharing how we could expand and improve their access to our technology and we were glad they didn’t. For example, they told us which elements of our index would be particularly helpful in conducting research and how challenging it is to conduct research without access to real query traffic.

In a recent article, CNET summarized the event and why we think working with the academic community is so important. Here are a couple pics from the day – the rest are on flickr.



We’d like to thank our academic partners for making the trip and sharing their perspectives – they will serve as important feedback into our roadmap for the next year.

Graham Mudd

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