See Moments Missed in the 2008 Olympics

  • Posted August 14th, 2008 at 9:30 am by Yahoo! Search
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The opening ceremony has come and gone and the 2008 Summer Olympics are well underway. Every day moments of achievement, defeat and disappointment are captured and if you’re lucky, you witness them first hand. If you’re not so lucky, don’t fret, Yahoo! Image Search has just rolled out a new image carousel to make finding those history-making moments easier.

Now when you do a search on Yahoo! Image Search for Olympics-related content, you will see a carousel of some of the freshest, most comprehensive photos from Yahoo! Sports coverage of the Olympics. The carousel images will appear above the regular search results, with arrows in the right hand corner to make toggling through the images easy. So, if you want to peruse images of Michael Phelps as he makes Olympics history or view photos of Yang Wei, who just brought home the gold medal for China in Men’s Gymnastics, here’s what you’ll see:

Yang Weig

Accessing the photo carousel is simple. To get the latest of Olympics photos, search ‘Olympics‘ and you might get a glimpse of the intensity between Brazil and Latvia in the women’s basketball games or catch the concentration at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Park. You can also hone in on more specific photos. Try a search for a particular athlete, i.e. ‘Roger Federer‘ or your sport of preference, like ‘Olympics diving.’ And, to get photos of a featured event, search it in conjunction with Olympics, like ‘Olympics opening ceremony.’

And don’t forget the Yahoo! Shortcuts for Olympics-related information. To get a real-time snapshot of what’s going on at this year’s games, try one of the following:

  • Olympics Medal Count: To get a quick overview of the ranking in this year’s games, simply search ‘medal count.’ And, if you’re more interested in your team, just add your country before the search, ‘USA medal count
  • Game Updates: For a first-hand look at who’s leading a specific game, do a quick search like ‘Olympics swimming
  • Athlete Stats: To learn the latest on a specific athlete, search their name and Olympics. Tough to keep up on how your favorite Indian American gymnast is doing? Search ‘Raj Bhavsar Olympics
  • Olympics Results: For a real-time overview of the games, search ‘Olympics results
  • Olympics Schedule: To keep up with what’s when, search ‘Olympics schedule

Give ‘em a try and enjoy the games. Happy Olympics!

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