A New Research Lab in Haifa

  • Posted March 12th, 2008 at 1:10 am by Yahoo! Search
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One goal of Yahoo! Research is to develop leading-edge algorithms and technology that will power the next generation of search. In keeping with that commitment and to expand its global research capabilities, Yahoo! is opening a new Research Lab in Haifa, Israel.

The lab will be focused on research and development in the areas of Web search and information extraction, and led by Dr. Ronny Lempel, an information organization and retrieval expert. Most recently, Dr. Lempel worked for the Information Retrieval Group at IBM’s Haifa Research Lab.

The Haifa research lab will be staffing up in the coming months — so if you’re interested in tackling some of the most challenging questions in web search, check out the job opportunities at Yahoo! Research.

Yodel Anecdotal has more details on the new development, so check out what they’ve got to say about Yahoo! Research, the new lab and what’s to come.

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