The Santa SmackDown in Search: You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

  • Posted December 20th, 2007 at 12:22 pm by Yahoo! Search
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The holiday season is chock full of characters, stories and traditions – all of which see their fair share of search activity. In fact, we hear there’s a bit of competition among Santa’s cast and crew for the top billing in search. To relieve a bit of pressure (December is a stressful time of year for these guys), Santa Claus returned to the frozen stage this month to oversee some one-on-one action in the Search Smackdown. He got out his list and set up some Yuletide matches in the Buzz Arena…and man, will the reindeer fur fly.

Based on this season’s search data, we’ve got the Search odds right here, and a few highlights from their past matches. All we gotta say is, when Jack “The Cannibal” Frost comes nipping at your nose, you better not cry, you better watch out.

Smack Down Red Corner Green Corner And the Buzz Goes To… Odds
Vengeance Rudolph "Red-Nosed" Reindeer Dasher and Dancer et al Vengeance is sweet. The reject reindeer outshined the tag team by
way more than a nose, although that was too bad about Grandma getting in
the way.
2:1 Rudolph
2:1 Rudolph
Snowblind Jack "The Cannibal" Frost Frosty the Snowman Frosty proved too slippery for the nimble Jack, although he better
watch his addiction to that corn-cob pipe.
9:1 Frosty
9:1 Frosty
Extreme Fighting Blister the Heat Miser Snow Miser aka Mr. Icicle Mr. Icicle may have the cooler ragtime routine, but his hotheaded
half-brother burns him in Buzz by nine-fold. Now we know the reason
behind global warming.
11:1 Heat Miser
11:1 Heat Miser
Buzz Office Rumble "Home Alone" "A Christmas Story" The McAllister kid can lay a mean booby trap, but all the blow
torches in the basement can’t match a Red Ryder — plus that underhanded
tongue-on-flagpole trick should freeze any loner in his tracks.
6:1 Christmas Story
6:1 Christmas Story
The Unforgiven Grinch Scrooge A face-off for the ages: the cave-dweller with the super-shrunken
heart against that squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching,
covetous, old sinner. Ah, but that Broadway endorsement clinched the
Buzz for the Grinch.
6:1 Grinch
6:1 Grinch
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