Pimp your blog with the new maps from Yahoo! Shortcuts! (beta)

  • Posted December 13th, 2007 at 6:09 pm by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: Local

shortcut.gifshortcut.gifshortcut.gifshortcut.gifMake your blog posts map-happy with the new Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress (beta). This is the same treatment that you may have seen inside Yahoo! Mail, News, or Travel.

Although Yahoo! Shortcuts will provide Flickr photos for your top terms, financial charts for companies such as Yahoo! Inc., and help you find out more about that HP Pavilion dv9500t you’ve been looking at, we’re especially partial to the Yahoo! Maps shortcut.

For example, if I were to put 701 First Ave, Sunnyvale, CA in the body of my post (as I just did), the plugin will auto-detect that there is mapping context, and give me the option of having an appropriate link. Inside the shortcut (rollover the address above to see it) you can expand to a popup which has links to see a full sized map, get driving directions, and search for nearby businesses.

There’s additionaldiscussionon Yahoo! Search Blog, and in Yodel Anecdotal, so follow the links to read more.

Michael Lawless – Sr. Product Manager Yahoo! Maps, and ylocalblog caretaker.

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