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  • Posted September 14th, 2007 at 9:13 am by Yahoo! Search
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I went to a wedding in Marquette, Michigan a couple of weekends ago. The weather? A beautiful 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The weekend-long celebration? Actually, pretty fun. My date? Yahoo! oneSearch. Yes, Yahoo! oneSearch and I were quite the pair. I color-coordinated my tie and dress shirt with oneSearch’s dress, in my best Casanova move I dipped oneSearch on the dance floor at the reception and oneSearch and I sipped champagne as we toasted the newly weds on their happy nuptials.

Well… no, I didn’t really go to the wedding with Yahoo! oneSearch as my date. I had my good friend Vickie by my side. But I couldn’t have enjoyed the weekend quite as much without my mobile device and Yahoo! oneSearch with me in tow.

Like most wedding weekends that have a number of activities leading up to the big day, I had some downtime in between the rehearsal dinner, cocktail party and ceremony. While I wasn’t catching up with Vickie, drinking wine or prepping for the ceremony, I played around with Yahoo! oneSearch and decided I was going to keep track of how many times I used the service during the weekend, just for kicks.

It was more than I realized.

In a random debate with my fellow wedding-goers, I used Yahoo! oneSearch to prove to them that the pasties I was talking about were not the body-decor they were thinking of. A quick image search for ‘pasties Michigan‘ on Yahoo! oneSearch proved my understanding of them and got me out of trouble with Vickie. Phew.

Michigan Pasty.JPG

When Vickie was at the wedding rehearsal, I even found show times for The Simpson’s Movie and was able to sneak away for a couple of hours to catch the hilarious flick with some of my friends. Shhh, don’t tell!

And, perhaps my most practical use of Yahoo! oneSearch was when we were presented with a wine opener dilemma just hours before the wedding banquet. We needed to find some extra ones quickly and get back to the reception in time, so I found a nearby Wal-Mart and saved the day with the necessary vino reinforcements.

After putting it to the test that weekend, I found Yahoo! oneSearch to be easy and helpful for my day-to-day mobile search needs, especially when I needed accurate local information quickly. Recently, our team made some tuning with the local intent of user queries and now the service is more likely to have local search results on the top of the results page. So when you too are presented with a corkage dilemma, you can course-correct just as quickly and efficiently. Check out this search for Yellow Cab in the Mountain View, CA area.


Let us know what your experience has been with one of your weekends and Yahoo! oneSearch. We’re interested in hearing how you found it useful and even some ideas for making it a better resource for you on the go. Drop us a note in the comments below.

Paul Yiu
Yahoo! Search

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