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  • Posted August 31st, 2007 at 8:20 am by Yahoo! Search
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Gas relief comes not from a bottle, but from the pumps. As summer draws to an end, the meter has dropped a few pennies — enough to tempt perhaps one more asphalt adventure. And, with Labor Day weekend upon us, what better way to spend your time than the open roads?

Road trips” buzz usually peaks in April, dips in June and starts to rise again in July through September. Searches for the American tradition of mobile trekking showed a steady decline in the past two years and online interest has dropped off 11% compared to last summer. Still, there are those who can’t resist the appeal of the “family road trip” or “college road trip.”

So, if you’re packing up your car for a Labor Day Asphalt adventure to the sunny beaches of California in Santa Barbara or maybe San Diego, for example, check out the routes the Yahoo! Buzz caravan has been searching before you go:

    1. “Road Trip Planners.” A good trip requires planning. Even if you’re last minute on your trip-planning adventures, look for “tips” and “maps.”
    2. “Road Trip Games.” A DVD player just doesn’t compare to a rousing car game. Smart parents look for “printable road trip games.” An impolitic few either seek to entertain passengers or prepare for the worst with “mother-in-law” traveling tales. That oughtta make a short trip seem long, especially if said relative is in the car.
    3. “Road Trip Songs.” Playing radio tower roulette can be serendipitous, but long bouts of static don’t encourage grooving. Instead, travelers trick out the car into a mobile karaoke station with a music mix, from movies or simply the best songs for the road.
    5. “Packing Food for a Road Trip.” Homemade snacks save travelers from impulse buys at the convenience mart. Then again, some people plan their entire venture around food. What better than a BBQ road trip for Labor Day?

However you plan to spend your weekend away, have fun, relax and happy travels!

Vera Chan
Senior Buzz Team Editor
Yahoo! Search

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