What Do Laptops and Hypothyroidism Have in Common?

  • Posted August 23rd, 2007 at 8:07 am by Yahoo! Search
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More than you think, because we’ve expanded upon the popular narrowing options for restaurants and hotels (try San Diego restaurants or San Diego hotels). Now searches for popular queries around electronics, medical conditions and medications also display narrowing shortcuts on Yahoo! Search.

If you happen to be contemplating your next electronics purchase, I can tell you first-hand that it can be a research-intensive exercise. I was recently tasked with helping select a laptop for my sister who’s starting college in the next few weeks. I plugged in the search term ‘laptops‘ and got the bulk of my research underway.

After reading some user reviews and comparing model specs, my sister and I agreed that a MacBook was the best choice for her. She loves it! If you have some back-to-school shopping as well, or just crave a new toy, try searching for ‘digital cameras,’ ‘cell phones‘ or ‘mp3 players.’

Looking to do some research on a medical condition or medications? I recently had a close friend diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I used the narrower to educate myself about the condition and gather helpful information.

I now have a better understanding of common symptoms and treatments after reading up on the latest clinical trials on MedlinePlus. I also found a Yahoo! Group that she can join to connect with others living with the condition. And to get more detailed, I did a search for ‘levothyroxine,’ a common medication used to treat hypothyroidism, to learn about the possible side effects.

Try searching for ‘breast cancer,’ ‘ALS,’ ‘Lexapro,’ or ‘vitamin E‘ to see more shortcut examples.

We plan to introduce more shortcuts and create more displays like these, so we welcome your ideas. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Carlos Teran
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