The “Buzz” on Fourth of July

  • Posted July 3rd, 2007 at 7:47 am by Yahoo! Search
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Occasionally, I’m a stickler for details. With Independence Day approaching, I thought it would be cool to recreate the first celebration. So, I made a list. Break free from Britain. Have a bonfire on my lawn. Clear my driveway for horse-drawn floats. Stock the feast rum, salted meat, fish, and more rum. Persuade New York to release all its debtors from prison.

Well, I don’t have a driveway, so I’m celebrating the new-fangled American way with picnics, parades and, naturally, pyrotechnics.

Enthusiasm for fireworks though, seems a little mixed and it’s not because the Fourth falls on a hump day this year. As we noted in our annual Buzz log nod to the Fourth, anticipation for the Fourth of July in the past six months has been 30% higher than in 2006. Yet, recent “fireworks” look-ups are a full 33% lower than last year.

However, tally up all those DIY queries for fireworks stores and specific sellers like phantom fireworks, and the numbers show that interest in our grand explosive tradition hasn’t necessarily fizzled out. Yes, guys still tend to be the primary pyros, driving six out of 10 searches. Not that I can prove it, but I suspect it’s the boys responsible for all the homemade fireworks searches.

The Buzz has also been tracking a surge for pies. For the most part, apple has been the filling of choice in Search… but we’ve had a last-minute upset. No, I dare not impugn the wholesome pomaceous fruit and its role in the most American of delicacies, but in the past week, key lime pie has squeezed past to get to the top of the pie heap. And yes, cherry pie is still staying strong in the mix.

As for the heart and soul of July Fourth, I’m happy to report that the patriotic spirit is alive and well. We’ve tracked searches that look into historical figures and places, clothing and tattoos, decorating the homestead and making crafts, and how to sing songs and recite poetry that shows our love of the motherland. Interestingly, public interest in the Patriot Act picked up noticeably in June. Curiosity and debate about Patriot Act summary, Patriot Act pros and cons and the like shows how Search has become part of the democratic process, and underscores how we the citizenry continue to involve ourselves in the workings of our republic.

However you choose to declare your independence, you won’t be alone. Happy Fourth of July.

Vera Chan
Senior Buzz Team Editor
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