“Searching” for Ways to Be a Better Planet

A few weeks ago, Yahoo! launched a brand marketing campaign called, “Be a Better ________” which was designed to inspire people to become better at whatever interests them and, in turn, explore how Yahoo! services can get them there. We hope Yahoo! users are inspired to fulfill their passions.

Here at Yahoo! we’re taking our own advice and, as a result, have created the “Be a Better Planet” program to promote environmental dedication and to help affect climate change. The program invites everyone to participate in making a better planet, by doing one of three things: visiting Yahoo! Green and taking the “Green Pledge” to commit to lowering carbon emissions; contributing to the growing collection of knowledge and advice about environmental issues, by joining the conversations at Yahoo! Answers; or proactively looking for opportunities to live a greener life by performing “green” searches on Yahoo! OneSearch. Based on the total number of points earned for each green action, participants will receive a free energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb and contribute to their hometown’s overall ranking for a chance to win a fleet of hybrid taxis for their entire city.

For more details on how you can help “be a better planet,” click here.

Anne Edwards
Yahoo! Search

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