Celebrating the Moms of the World

  • Posted May 11th, 2007 at 9:40 am by Yahoo! Search
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Every year, the Buzz log likes to pay homage to the woman who makes it all happen — Mom. After all she’s done for you, it’s heartening to see searches for Mother’s Day are higher than last year. Even better, you’ve cut back dramatically on looking at those “yo mama jokes.”

Behind all the usual searches for roses, crafts and ideas, we can probe deep within the Search psyche. Where would you guess all the mama’s boys (and girls) live? The nation’s capitol Washington DC leads the states in “mother’s day” queries, which goes to show that even a politician deserves a mother’s love.

On a more regional level, the cities of Austin, San Diego and Houston have been way ahead of the search game for weeks. You know those types — they’ve already hand-picked the hardiest heirloom roses, arranged a family reunion catered by Rachael Ray, and updated the genealogy website complete with mash-ups. The rest of us are sweating over our keyboards, ordering “pajama gram,” “vermont teddy bears,” and “digital photo frames” (the latest gift craze following the “digital camera” trend).

Search is the last refuge for procrastinators, as this week’s surge for “e-cards” attest. The craftier among you have been seeking gifts from the heart and by the hand, such as “homemade mother’s day gifts,” “homemade cards,” and “mother’s day poems” (don’t forget to attribute borrowed phrases). As for the care and feeding of moms, people have that covered with look-ups for “breakfast in bed brunch recipes,” with fixings of “pancakes,” “French toast” and “strawberry shortcake.” Ambitious cooks have been downloading the instructions for “fruit flowers.” Brilliant move as far as I’m concerned, that’s two gifts in one.

Give Mom an extra hug for me!

Vera H-C Chan
Senior editor, Buzz offline

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