Be a Better Campaign Launches

Normally our posts on the Yahoo! Search blog include new product launches, Yahoo! Search weather reports and feature the occasional guest blogger. But today we wanted to tip our cap to our brand marketing team, who just launched a new Yahoo! advertising campaign, “Be a Better _____.” Over the next few weeks you’ll see some TV spots highlighting how Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo! oneSearch (our new mobile search offering) can help you be a better whatever you want to be. Last fall our brand marketing team’s “Garden” spot was rated the third funniest commercial in the U.S. We here at the search blog and Greg Sterling over at Search Engine Land seem to think this year’s batch is pretty funny as well.

So if you want a quick break from a Monday morning, check out the ads and hopefully you’ll get a quick laugh before you get back to Outlook / PowerPoint / Excel or whatever a Monday morning brings to you.

Raj Gossain
Yahoo! Search

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