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  • Posted April 6th, 2007 at 4:25 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Based on a lot of user input, the latest update we’ve made to the Broadband version of Yahoo! Maps is to the Driving Directions print page. The new format of the “Printable Version” allows for an interactive experience that simply put, makes them more useful and easier to read.

Here are some of the coolest new features of the interactive printable maps:

  • Print Page GraphicClick on the title of the print page or in the “notes” box to personalize it. Instead of “Directions to Sunnyvale, CA” you can change it to “Mike’s Surprise Birthday” or add in useful information like a phone number.
  • Change the font size of the driving directions between Small, Medium, or Large — one font size does not always fit all!
  • Choose among Map & Directions, Map Only, or Directions only to save space and ink, and you can remove the summary and notes for a more compact set of directions.
  • Remove individual steps in your directions, like how to get from your house to the freeway, if they’re not important to you.
  • Clicking “Show Cumulative Distance” will allow you to get a cumulative mile-post for each maneuver, great for people who use their odometer. Just set it at the beginning of your journey.
  • Change your included map layout from one to three panels, including total route, the start point, and the end point.

While we can’t do much to make sure people don’t forget their printed directions before hopping in their car, we can make them more useful to those who do remember! We hope you like the changes, and your feedback is very important to us. Please keep it up and don’t forget to use our Yahoo! Local and Maps suggestion board!

Mike Lawless, Product Manager, and the Yahoo! Maps Team

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