Naka-Yahoo! ka ba?* (*Are you on Yahoo!)

We just took a step deeper into the linguistic mire that is the Internet, and launched a Tagalog interface for our Philippines search site. Users can access the new interface through a language toggle on the regular Philippines site or pull it up directly at

Tagalog (known in its standardized form as Filipino) is one of the official languages of the Republic of the Philippines. It’s estimated that upwards of 40-60 million people worldwide speak the language, so it was a natural extension to create this interface. While Yahoo! has always had a lot of Tagalog content in our search index, this interface creates a new way for our Filipino users to access all of the information.

Find a Tagalog-English dictionary by searching for “diksyonaryong tagalog-ingles.” Or, get a map of the Philippines by doing an image search for “mapa ng pilipinas.” To learn what American Idol contestant Jasmine Trias is up to now that she is a big star in the Philippines, search for “jasmine trias kanta.”

Give it a try. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.


Raymond Flournoy, Linguistic Product Manager
Yahoo! Search

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