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  • Posted March 20th, 2007 at 9:25 am by Yahoo! Search
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My phone is more like a body part than it is a device – it’s with me everywhere I go. And now, with easy accessibility to the Internet, it’s more like a go-go-gadget-arm. Finding a phone number to a restaurant, a quick check on my favorite game scores or movie show times on my phone makes it that much more indispensable.

I work with the Yahoo! Mobile group and back in January we announced that our new Yahoo! oneSearch service would be available on Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0. Today we announced that Yahoo! oneSearch is available on more than 85% of phones, providing greater access to the mobile web. The service is designed to give mobile searchers answers to their queries, not just a list of links. It’s about making search on your mobile device as quick and as easy as possible, by providing relevant results right on the page.

Try it out for yourself. Search for a company like “Apple” and check out, not only the great search results, but the really incredible amount of information you get if you click on the stock quote. Or, if you’re hungry, search for “pizza” and check out the user ratings for local pizza places, or grab the phone number to place your order.

Find out how to take full advantage of the service here or take a look at the screencast on Richard MacManus’ blog. Best of all, send your search query via SMS to 92466 (which spells “yahoo”).

We hope you’ll find it useful!

Lee Ott, Product Manager
Yahoo! Mobile

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