The Real “Big Winners” of Super Bowl XLI

  • Posted February 9th, 2007 at 11:34 am by Yahoo! Search
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So, I was one of the 90+ million viewers who tuned into Super Bowl XLI last weekend, and like a lot of folks I was curious to see the latest batch of multi-million dollar commercials, partly for the sheer flash and glam of it all, but mostly because our extended Yahoo! team here played a part in bringing the first “user-generated” commercials to the Super Bowl.

The commercials were for Doritos and were actually two of five final contest entries that our very own Jumpcut community created and voted on last fall.

You might remember a while back when we found ourselves enamored with this whole “remix” culture. The prospect of finding and using “stuff” on the web to create new multimedia that can further enrich the Web as a repository of knowledge is like our FUSE motto flourishing once again. You find stuff, you use it. You share it, and you expand the world’s database of knowledge with your own contribution.

Check ‘em out:

It’s always interesting to see how our platforms enable the makers of the world, giving them the tools to create meaningful experiences on the web. In this case, we were particularly thrilled to watch (along with millions of other people) members of our community earn a level of recognition and respect for their unique achievement.

Our congrats to Dale Backus and Kristin Dehnert for their creations!

Take a look at the rest of the videos here.

Mitali Pattnaik
Yahoo! Video

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