Yahoo! Site Explorer: Authenticate your site via a META tag and more goodies

  • Posted January 30th, 2007 at 9:15 am by Yahoo! Search
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We spend a lot of time listening to our users, and I am happy to say we’ve gotten better at it. We’ve been using feedback forms and message boards, and finally at the Chicago SES last December, we launched our new Site Explorer Suggestion Board. This is a new user based ranking feedback tool, which was first introduced at an internal Yahoo! Hack day and is currently being deployed across the Yahoo! network. It allows you to make suggestions for the product, vote for existing suggestions or simply comment on them.

Today, we launched a new version of Site Explorer that addresses some of the Top Rated suggestions from our users. The key features are:

Site Authentication using META tags: For those of you who cannot upload an authentication file to your site, such as a blog, you will now be able to authenticate your site in Site Explorer by including an authentication key as part of a META tag on the home page of your site. This is in addition to the existing mechanism of putting a file on your site home directory.

Detailed Authentication Errors: We now provide detailed errors on authentication failures, making it much easier to diagnose possible problems.

Delete URLs: For your authenticated sites, you can now delete any URLs from the index. Simply locate the URL in Site Explorer and click on the ‘Delete URL’ button. The URL and all its subpaths will be deleted shortly thereafter. This is meant to work in conjunction with the robots.txt file while providing greater responsiveness. Please continue to use the robots.txt protocol to ensure that our crawler does not crawl pages you want to keep out of our index.

Site Explorer Badge: Get a Site Explorer badge for your Website and retrieve the count of live links from the whole web. Go ahead, watch as your site becomes more popular, and show off your link wealth to your visitors.

These features address some of the most popular suggestions that we received on our new board. The full list of suggestions we will be able to address with this release is:
a) Allow removal of invalid or malformed URLs
b) Verification for blogs
c) Authentication Problem
d) More than 25 sitemaps
e) better labeling of TSV files
f) Site explorer should identify itself in the user agent string
g) https / ssl
h) Wait 1 day? (Speed of authentication)

Hope you’ll enjoy the improvements. Please share with us your experience using these features and continue to send us your feedback. It’s very valuable to us!

Priyank Garg, Amit Kumar, Apostolos ‘Lakis’ Karmirantzos, Di Chang, Judy Johnson
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