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  • Posted January 19th, 2007 at 10:57 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Have you ever considered moving to a new home and found yourself wondering which neighborhoods would have the best schools for your children? We’ve all asked our real estate agents, friends, or coworkers what they’ve thought about the schools in a particular neighborhood.
Yahoo! Real Estate is happy to announce that you can now search for schools in your area (or the area you plan to move into) and evaluate which schools are the best fit for your kids, based on detailed school information, statistics, and parent reviews. Now that’s useful!
Here’s how to start:
-Go to Yahoo! Real Estate
-Click on the “Research Schools” tab

-Enter the city and state or ZIP code for the area that you’re researching in the search box and click “Search.”
-Now you’ll be able to view this region’s schools on the map and in the list. You can refine your search by school district, school level (elementary, middle, and high schools), and school type (public, private, and charter schools) on the left bar.

-Click on a school to get parent reviews and information about its enrollment, student/teacher ratio, and contact details. A neighborhood map shows you the nearest grocery stores, parks, restaurants, or gas stations.

Check it out and let us know what you think!
Brian Rothenberg
Product Manager, Yahoo! Real Estate

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