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  • Posted January 8th, 2007 at 9:25 am by Yahoo! Search
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If you’ve been following the news from CES 2007, you may have heard about the new Yahoo! mobile search on Yahoo! Go 2.0. What’s so new about mobile search, you might ask? I’m here to break it down for you.

First things first. The new search is called “oneSearch” and its so named because we’ve taken a radically different tack toward returning and displaying results on mobile devices, while leveraging a common search technology platform. The mobile device has very different requirements. With limited bandwidth, screen size and time, this service puts information all right in front of you without having to click on multiple links and then find your way back through a convoluted navigation process, as you might have to do on a more conventional mobile search service. Have a look at this example search for “49ers”.


With one search from your mobile device, you can now easily get to a wide variety of 49ers results ‘ scores, team web sites, photos, news articles, and more.

Our goal with this release is to provide a rich set of relevant content for a given query from a number of different categories of results. The new display therefore demonstrates significant vertical integration on the mobile search result page to bring back more direct results. We’re already doing this on the web search results pages. For example, you see a shortcut for news or images in addition to web results where it is likely you would be interested in seeing those items.

In addition to providing relevant links to web and mobile web sites, the new mobile search provides immediate answers for business listings, movies, sports, news, events, celebrity gossip, stock/finance information, and so on, all from a single search. If the query term is “ipod”, the top of the result page includes results from Yahoo! Shopping, with prices and reviews, which could help the user who’s considering a purchase. A search for “San Francisco” will return weather, traffic information, and local news.

In a way, we have merged all the tabs above the search box and do our best to determine the most relevant pieces of information without asking the user to pick a specific vertical.

To get the new mobile search, you’ll need to download Yahoo! Go for your phone. We would love to hear what you think of the new service, so please drop us a comment below!

Paul Yiu, Yahoo! Search

PS. Opera has also selected Yahoo! Search as the exclusive search for its millions of Web browsers for mobile phones, Opera Mini’ and Opera Mobile worldwide.

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