Happy Birthday, Yahoo! Answers

  • Posted December 13th, 2006 at 10:29 am by Yahoo! Search
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Yep – it’s Yahoo! Answers’ first birthday – and we feel smarter already! We wanted to give a big thank you to the people who make Yahoo! Answers a resource to answer any question, and a repository of the world’s knowledge. To celebrate, we’re thanking some of our 16.6 million Yahoo! Answers users (comScore, November 2006) who lead the community in sharing thoughtful, high-quality knowledge and life experience with others.

  • Gifts! Lots of ‘em. If you’re a Level Two and up, you can sign up to receive a thank you gift for sharing your knowledge with the world. Hats, mugs, fleeces, keychains, and stickers.
  • Best of Answers. With millions of questions and answers, our team selected a few favorites that showcase how much we all know. As James Surowieki notes, many are smarter than a few.
  • We’re also having a party tonight here in California for local Yahoo! Answers users, and we’ve flown in 25 special guests ? resourceful and knowledgeable users who’ve distinguished themselves through their extraordinary performance on Yahoo! Answers, including category leaders, featured users, and more.

This is a picture of some of our answers users who’ve joined us in California for our birthday party!


To keep pace with our users, we’ve been busy enhancing the product. Since it’s launch a year ago, Yahoo! Answers has really grown. We also camped out in New York City’s Times Square and launched Yahoo! Answers worldwide. We drank our own Kool-Aid by developing a Yahoo! Answers area for Yahoo! products, integrated into search and into our own help pages. And there’s more to come.

Happy holidays to everyone who helps make the Web a great place!

Patrick Crane
Yahoo!, VP Marketing

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