2006 Top Searches – And What a Year it Was

  • Posted December 4th, 2006 at 10:36 pm by Yahoo! Search
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top_srch_buzz.jpg It’s that time again, when we like to kick back with a festive beverage and reflect on the year that was. Today, Yahoo! released the 6th annual Top Searches of the Year, which shows what the world was searching for in 2006 across news, sports and entertainment.

Some things haven’t changed much since we released our first list in 2001. Take Britney Spears, for instance. Back then, she topped our list of celebrity searches. Fast forward to 2006, and, well, she’s topped our list of celebrity searches again making it five of the six years. You just can’t hold back talent, people.

Many things have changed, however. News stories that grabbed our attention this year included the Danish cartoon protests, Dick Cheney shooting his hunting partner, and the U.S. elections. The biggest news story of the year, however, was the shocking death of Australian naturalist Steve Irwin, as people searched to find out the circumstances of his death, what a stingray was, and how tribute would be paid to the international star. Also big this year was the World Cup, with Brazilian Ronaldinho topping searches for France?s Zinedine Zidane, despite the ?head butt heard ’round the world’.

But that’s not all that’s new this year. In a nod to the brilliant, thoughtful, thought-provoking, crazy, and creative content that Yahoo! users create and share, we’ve also included videos on Yahoo! Video, pictures from Flickr, and the best questions and answers on Yahoo! Answers.

If you’re curious, scroll month by month through the year that was in searches, pictures, video, and dialogue.

Happy Holidays!

Lesley Beatty
Yahoo! Buzz

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