Yahoo! Maps releases from Beta

  • Posted November 16th, 2006 at 7:05 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Yahoo! Maps is coming out of Beta today. This means that if you have a broadband internet connection, and if you have Flash 7 (or greater), the Broadband Maps (new) will be the default, and otherwise you’ll get the Dial-Up Maps (original). You can always switch between the two by using a link at the top of the page.

Since we released the beta version, we’ve spent our time optimizing the product and responding to user feedback to make it ready for mainstream use. We added the functionality and features our users want most, and the response we’ve received to-date has been very positive. The new Yahoo! Maps gives our users a more expedient method of finding locations and getting driving directions, and is an even more powerful tool within Yahoo! Local.

In addition to releasing the new Yahoo! Maps, we’re also rolling out street-level maps for Europe and many cities of new satellite imagery. These are available almost anywhere Yahoo! Maps can be found, whether on Flickr in their photo mapping feature, Yahoo! Travel’s Trip Planner product, and of course to our external developer community using Yahoo! Maps APIs. Getting more maps and imagery outside the US is a feature enhancement that has been in high demand.

Just a quick re-cap of what’s in the new Yahoo! Maps.

  • The award winning, most interactive, easy to use interface for the new generation of mapping.
  • Multi-point routing, (from A to B to C), which is a great way to plan your day, do your errands, visit garage sales or hunt for a house.
  • A new mini-map which gives you an overview of what you’re looking at.
  • Satellite and Aerial imagery, wall to wall in the USA, and for over 100 cities internationally.
  • Full integration with Yahoo! Local, including search and SmartView.
  • Saved locations and auto-complete against your saved locations, recent locations and Yahoo! Address Book.
  • The ability to return to the old-style Yahoo! Maps for when you’re on a Dial-Up connection.
  • Quick access to maps from within Yahoo! Mail using Yahoo! Shortcuts.

    We certainly hope you enjoy using the new Yahoo! Maps, and the Maps team will continue to work to make it faster, more enjoyable, and more useful. Please Take a Tour of our new features, or jump right in!
    Thank you!

    Mike Lawless, Product Manager, and the Yahoo! Maps Team

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