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  • Posted November 10th, 2006 at 12:21 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Before Monday I had never even participated in a regular scavenger hunt, let alone one involving urban mobile media. Yahoo! invited a group of vloggers, photographers, videographers, and students to spend a day creating digital media for the Time Capsule project. We broke up into small teams equipped with only a digital camera and mobile phone to receive clues and instructions. Each team had 5-20 minutes to shoot movies that touch upon the collective human experience and upload them before advancing to the next challenge. Some of the results were indeed interesting.

Let?s start with the concept of beauty — It?s undoubtedly subjective, and most certainly influenced by the media. But see how easily it is destroyed? The representations of beauty before and after were some of my favorites. Eek!?

The world seems to be shrinking as digital communication and tools expand our notion of community. We must respect social boundaries and the feelings of others in order to get along, but there are moments when the behavior of others is simply annoying. Whether their infractions are petty or serious, we have to cope with anger. What would irritate you ? maybe someone blocking traffic while on a cell phone or just cutting in a line? Certainly being poked or groped is unacceptable!

As easy as it is to annoy others, it is even more difficult to love them. There are many types of love, ranging from mere camaraderie with strangers to love that withstands the test of time, and including the romantic love we feel for others. The pain of love can also hurt more than anything else.

Later in the day, we had hands-on workshops on remixing with Jumpcut and uploading to social media products like Flickr and Yahoo! Video. Whether remaking a popular movie using only our hands, reenacting a media event from recent times, or dropping a figure from the past into the modern world, it was challenging to collaborate and shoot video while the clock was ticking. Ultimately, it was a great experience in human collaboration and the power of portable media, in which everyone is a participant.

Bethany Del Lima
Yahoo! Video Editor

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