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  • Posted October 27th, 2006 at 7:42 am by Yahoo! Search
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Last winter, we released a beta of Open Shortcuts, a way to create your own custom keywords that take you directly to a site, a search, or start a task right from the search box. As Open Shortcuts increases in popularity, we’re increasing the number of Open Shortcuts per user to 60.

To catch up, Open Shortcuts fans have been creating and using lots of shortcuts. Of note, last month, Steve Rubel wrote a great post on Open Shortcuts, and even included a handy list of Open Shortcuts to share, conveniently linked to make them easy to add to your own shortcuts list.

We didn’t get around to thanking Steve at the time, so now seems good. So, here’s an Open Shortcut to Steve’s blog!

! rubel

Steve addresses an important question – how do I share my shortcuts with folks? The same conversation occurred recently on one of our internal developer lists, with people sending out their list of Open Shortcuts for people to share. So here’s a quick review of Open Shortcuts – how to use ‘em, and how to share ‘em.

Using Open Shortcuts
We created a number of shortcuts to get you started, such as navigating to Craigslist: !clist; searching on Flickr: !flickr; or starting an application such as Notepad: !note. For a quick refresher, the Open Shortcuts FAQ has a couple of questions that’ll get you started.

Creating Your Own Open Shortcuts
There are a couple ways to create more shortcuts – directly from the search box by typing !set shortcut_name URL, for example, and the other by using a form we provide. In both cases, you are prompted to confirm you’d like to set these up, and that URL can be used to share shortcuts with folks (like the new shortcut for Steve, above). We have a FAQ that explains this.

As a reminder, you can use the following keywords to view and edit shortcuts:

  • !list Lists all your personal shortcuts and defaults
  • !unset Removes shortcut_name from your list of shortcuts
  • !help Displays Open Shortcuts Help page

That’s it for now. If you’d like to share your Open Shortcuts, please consider posting them to our forum, or drop us a note below.

Thanks again, and please stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Don Chennavasin
Yahoo! Search Product Manager

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