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  • Posted October 24th, 2006 at 11:24 pm by Yahoo! Search
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We’re here to introduce the new beta versions of the Yahoo! Toolbar (for IE) and Yahoo! Bookmarks.

Bookmarks first appeared on the Yahoo! Toolbar in 1999. Back then, the big virtues of online bookmarks were backup and portability – Yahoo! Bookmarks allowed people to store their favorites from across the web and get to them from any computer connected to the Internet. Fast forward to 2006, and our experiences with next-generation bookmarking have convinced us that it was time to bring Yahoo! Bookmarks users onto a new and better product.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features on both products. Long-time users of Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Bookmarks should find that this combined release delivers a lot of what they’ve been waiting for (and we’ll be the first to admit, its about #@*! time)

New Yahoo! Toolbar Features:

  • Toolbar integration with the new Yahoo! Bookmarks
  • Type-ahead bookmark suggestions from the toolbar search box
  • The ability to create and use new buttons, even when you aren’t signed in

And for Yahoo! Bookmarks:

  • Advanced search functionality
  • Thumbnails for quickly recognizing sites
  • Convenient drag-and-drop management
  • Organize bookmarks with folders and tags
  • Ability to save page content along with the URL
  • Editing abilities when saving
  • An end to the 1000 bookmark limit

The all new Yahoo! Bookmarks will focus on personal saving, organization, and recovery while our comrades at Delicious will concentrate on meeting your social bookmarking and sharing needs. For users of MyWeb, your bookmarks are safe, and in a few months you’ll be able to roll over to either Yahoo! Bookmarks or Delicious. We’ll explain this process more thoroughly in future posts.

Please drop us a comment below or visit the forums for feedback on the betas.

The Yahoo! Toolbar & Bookmarks Teams

PS ? Tom Chi produced this helpful screencast that walks you through the new functionality. Enjoy!

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