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  • Posted October 13th, 2006 at 8:20 am by Yahoo! Search
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As readers of this blog know, we recently welcomed JumpCut to our family, and we’re back to tell you about our first project together.

We’re working with Frito-Lay to invite people to create their own Doritos commercials – and the winning ad will be aired during the next Super Bowl. Yep. That is correct. Thirty seconds of snacky, salty video could get you one of the most coveted spots in broadcast advertising, recognition of your brilliance, $10,000 bucks, and a trip to Miami. We are talking about an estimate 48 million viewers during Super Bowl XLI on February 4th, 2007.

The place to go to is Crash the Super Bowl. You get a variety of great assets to use, and please see the official rules for creative assignment and content guidelines ? this is family entertainment after all. No Janet moments, please.

People can submit their videos from October 11th through December 4th (you’ll need to sign in to post your video), and all approved submissions will be viewable for everyone to vote and comment on. Then Frito-Lay and its agencies will pick five finalists by January 2, 2007. Each of the five finalists will receive $10,000 and a weekend trip to Miami. The winner will be determined by open voting and the winning ad will be unveiled during the Super Bowl broadcast.

Whether you’re a Final Cut Pro master, or just getting your feet wet with online video editing products like JumpCut, the time has come to call upon your fondest Doritos memories ? and turn your addiction to the orange nacho cheese flavor into digital genius. In fact, folks are already submitting their work, like cbisher and JStocco. And there’s also a healthy string of comments and lots of viewer ratings.

Greatness awaits you!

I’m thinking about submitting something myself. My cat eats Doritos…

Tara Kirchner
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