FUSE it and win it – Blogging Handbag powered by Flickr, ZoneTag, wins Hack Day

  • Posted October 2nd, 2006 at 12:38 pm by Yahoo! Search
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The winners of Yahoo!’s first open Hack Day were Black Box Nation, fashion designers and hardware hackers Diana Eng (who you might recognize ? she was on Project Runway) and Emily Albinski from NYC, along with their good friend Audrey Roy.


They created a blogging purse by hacking fashion (handbag and fabric), hardware (Nokia 6682, pedometer, GPS device, custom stamp, breadboard, wires, soldering iron) and software (CSS, APIs) in less than 24 hours to produce a working prototype. The custom-designed handbag is rigged with a pedometer and a Nokia 6682. Every 10 steps (this is programmable), the pedometers triggers the 6682 to take a photo. The 6682 then uses Yahoo! Research Berkeley’s Zonetag mobile client to geotag the photos and upload the photos to Flickr.

You can follow the purse’s adventures at Blogging in Motion from the first few pics, to its journey back to New York. And there are some great photos of the purse being created along with Black Box’s recent fashion show at Maker Faire on Flickr.

Around here, FUSE is the acronym for our Search team?s vision to help people find, use, share and expand human knowledge. And with open APIs, the Yahoo! Developer Network is helping people fuse together wholly new applications with our own. That?s cool, but what?s really cool is that Black Box actually uses fuses and other bits to create new fashions based on technology. Like this necklace made of slow-blow fuses.

fuse necklace.JPG

Now *that* is FUSE in action!

Jeannie Yang, Yahoo! Research Berkeley
Tara Kirchner, Yahoo!

PS – For more on Hack Day including Beck’s Hack Day Video, visit the Yodel Anecdotal.

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