Remixing the “School of Rock” in Korea

  • Posted September 8th, 2006 at 9:20 am by Yahoo! Search
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We love it when an idea takes hold of people’s imaginations, and especially when it’s transformed into a different language. Earlier this year, Yahoo! Research Berkeley, in partnership with the San Francisco Film Society and San Francisco State University’s Institute for Next Generation Internet, released the International Remixer. The International Remixer enabled over 1,000 people to get crazy with their creativity and mashup content from the 49th San Francisco Film Festival to create their own 1-minute movie remixes.

Last week, Yahoo! Korea launched a localized version of the Remixer to promote “School of Rock”, a popular cable TV program in Korea produced by Mnet. The program brings in local rock stars who surprise a different high school every week by putting on a music concert for the screaming student fans. The students then create their own video clips by remixing the standard footage of the concert.

yammy remixer.jpg

With the Yahoo! Korea launch, incredibly easy video editing tools like Remixer are reshaping how we think about video programming. It transforms thousands of video viewers into video creators and enables them to share new stories remixed from the media.

Ok – we don?t understand a word of it, we just love the fact that it’s in Korean and the universal concept of remix and mashups needs no translation in order for anyone to have a fun time. If you?re interested, surf on over to Yammy Remixer and get your groove on.

Rock on, Yahoo! Korea!

Jeannie Yang and Ayman Shamma
Yahoo! Research Berkeley

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