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September 12, 2006

Come Hack with Yahoo!

You may have heard about Hack Days at Yahoo!. These are internal 24-hour events where Yahoo! developers drop everything and work on something cool. For many of us, every day is hack day, but the real benefit of the official Hack Day is that you can take advantage of the resources at the company to help with your own cool hack - in fact, we're having our next one this week!

But there's more. On September 29-30, we are holding a public Hack Day. The first day, Friday, is a workshop-style Developer Day where you'll meet a number of Yahoo! engineers and get hands-on information and training. The YUI guys will be there in full force showing off their latest Javascript magic. Douglas Crockford will teach you more about Javascript in an hour than you thought was possible, I'll do my PHP thing, and you will hear from the Flickr, Del.icio.us, Mail, Messenger, Maps, and of course, Search folks. Then that night chill out with the mashup Djs - Adrian + the Mysterious D. Saturday night's entertainment has yet to be announced, but the rumors sound interesting.

On Saturday the hacking commences. Bring your ideas, team up with people and come up with something cool. What better way to create a hack involving Flickr than to work with one of the Flickr engineers? Or if you have trouble getting a certain neat CSS hack to work, grab Matt. PHP not cooperating? I can probably figure it out. There will be a critical mass of resources to solve just about any web hack problem. Hack Day has proven to be fun and effective here at Yahoo!, and I think it is going to be even more interesting as a public event.

If you are interested in participating, please go to HackDay.org.

Rasmus Lerdorf
Infrastructure Architect

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September 08, 2006

Remixing the "School of Rock" in Korea

We love it when an idea takes hold of people's imaginations, and especially when it's transformed into a different language. Earlier this year, Yahoo! Research Berkeley, in partnership with the San Francisco Film Society and San Francisco State University's Institute for Next Generation Internet, released the International Remixer. The International Remixer enabled over 1,000 people to get crazy with their creativity and mashup content from the 49th San Francisco Film Festival to create their own 1-minute movie remixes.

Last week, Yahoo! Korea launched a localized version of the Remixer to promote "School of Rock", a popular cable TV program in Korea produced by Mnet. The program brings in local rock stars who surprise a different high school every week by putting on a music concert for the screaming student fans. The students then create their own video clips by remixing the standard footage of the concert.

yammy remixer.jpg

With the Yahoo! Korea launch, incredibly easy video editing tools like Remixer are reshaping how we think about video programming. It transforms thousands of video viewers into video creators and enables them to share new stories remixed from the media.

Ok - we donít understand a word of it, we just love the fact that it's in Korean and the universal concept of remix and mashups needs no translation in order for anyone to have a fun time. If youíre interested, surf on over to Yammy Remixer and get your groove on.

Rock on, Yahoo! Korea!

Jeannie Yang and Ayman Shamma
Yahoo! Research Berkeley

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September 07, 2006

Were you looking for ... the Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox?

Here on the Yahoo! Toolbar team, we've been playing with Yahoo! Live Search which you may have seen providing the search suggestions on AlltheWeb or in Firefox 2.0. We liked it so much, we put it into the search box in the latest version of Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox for the US, Germany, UK and Korea.

Now whenever you type in the Toolbar search box you will see the most popular searches that are relevant to what you've typed. Personally, I particularly like the fact that Live Search also suggests terms that don't start with what you've typed. For example, suggestions for "fire" also include "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

livesearch screenshot.png

While we were in the neighborhood, we made a few more improvements to the search box. In addition to making suggestions, it now shows matching items from your previous searches, and expands as you type so you can see what you've typed when you do one of those extra long queries.

Last but not least, now that Firefox 2.0 is imminent, we've enabled support in our most recent Toolbars. The Mozilla team has made a lot of improvements in the recent beta 2 release, so to all you Firefox 2.0 users out there, please make sure you upgrade to the latest version so you'll have the best experience.

Click here to download Yahoo! Toolbar 1.3 for Firefox, and please let us know what you think.

Jon Granrose
Product Manager, Toolbar

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