Yahoo! Travel Update: Trip Planner Goes GA

  • Posted July 10th, 2006 at 7:22 am by Yahoo! Search
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Thanks to the use and feedback of beta users over the past 9 months, Trip Planner from Yahoo! Travel is now ready for prime time. Today marks the general availability of the new service, along with many cool new features.

We introduced Trip Planner a few months ago – it?s a tool that simplifies the research, planning and sharing of trips online so that you can create a customized, printable take-along travel guide. It allows you to tag information found on Yahoo! Travel and the rest of the Web and bring it into one slick AJAX interface. You can choose to share your trip with anyone – from one friend to the whole world. If there is another user?s shared trip that you like, you can copy it and build from there instead of starting your travel planning process from scratch. The result of this online community sharing travel experiences is a living atlas of travel information for users to add and take from.

New Features Galore

  • My favorite new feature is the Trip Planner explore option where the top trip plans from thousands of destinations, as chosen by other Yahoo! users, are plotted on an interactive map using the new Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. You can pan and zoom to find the trip that?s right for you.


  • The Trip Journal interface allows users to share their first-person, post-trip narrative, the good and the bad, with fellow travelers. The Trip Album within the Journal is fully connected with Flickr, so your photos can be displayed with just a few clicks.


  • Users have the ability to rate Trip Plans based on how helpful they are, and to bookmark their favorite trips for easy reference
  • Trips are connected to the user?s Yahoo! 360 profile so when you?re browsing for a trip you can get more info on the trip author
  • Trip items can be viewed in variety of formats including plotted on Satellite, Hybrid and Street Level maps
  • Recommendations from Yahoo! Travel Guides for hotels, things to do, restaurants, shopping and entertainment are automatically served up for users who want easily accessible information as they add new objects to their trip plans.

Starting from the Search Box
You?ll now also be able to connect with Yahoo! Trip Planner directly from Yahoo! Search. By entering your destination + the word ?trips? (e.g. Atlanta trips or Las Vegas trips) you can link directly to the top community ranked Trip Plans for that destination in Yahoo! Trip Planner.

We hope you like what you see! Check it out and let us know what you think. You can post either here, or on the Yahoo! Trip Planner forum.

Vivek Hariharan
Yahoo! Trip Planner

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