The New Yahoo! Video ? Discover, and Be Discovered!

  • Posted May 31st, 2006 at 9:21 pm by Yahoo! Search
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Tonight we rolled out the new Yahoo! Video, an upgrade to our video search service that introduces more ways to find and share video programming, including the ability to upload your videos directly to Yahoo!


Here?s a quick rundown of what?s available to you:

  • An entirely new face to the product, starting with the home page. Try browsing for what?s new and of interest on the Web using Featured and Popular lists and Category and Tag pages.
  • MyStudio where you can now upload, manage, and share your original content with Yahoo! users and the world.
  • A continued expansion of the largest video index, with more user submitted Media-RSS feeds, direct feeds from major video publishers, and video crawled from Web. Combined with user-uploaded content, it delivers a more open programming experience.
  • The introduction of Channels, which are groups of videos created by a common source. In the search results, we match channels to your query and display them in the left-column, when relevant, next to the video results. Just by uploading a single video, publishers begin creating their own individual channels. These can be saved to others? Favorites page, or exported as a Media RSS feed and added to your My Yahoo! page or any other RSS reader.
  • MyFavorites page, where you can manage videos and channels you?ve added while searching. MyFavorites helps you keep up to date on channels you like, as well as bookmark your favorite videos. Favorites can also be exported as a Media RSS feed, for those who subscribe and follow online content using an RSS reader or to share with friends.
  • New ways to export and share videos with friends, whether by email or by sending links through Yahoo! Instant Messenger. For user-uploaded content, users can also copy and paste a player window into a blog or Web page.

That?s about it for now. If you are interested, please give the new service a spin and let us know what you think!

Ethan Fassett
Yahoo! Video

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