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  • Posted April 5th, 2006 at 11:55 pm by Yahoo! Search
  • Categories: Social Search

‘Search, with a little help from your friends.’ That’s how we described MyWeb when it launched. The idea was to tap into the knowledge your friends collect as they search and bookmark the web, and include their saved links and pages when you search on Yahoo!

While the result is often more relevant search results, the quest for better search through people should involve more than just your friends. You may also want to tap into the expertise of people you may not know personally, but whose knowledge you respect ‘ experts, celebrities, or just that guy who saves the most interesting stuff on remix.

Well, we’ve just updated MyWeb to make that easier. Now you can include the public bookmarks of any MyWeb user in your searches by adding them as a contact.

Read more on the My Web blog.

Thanks much!

Dave Rout, Zhichen Xu, Nathan Arnold, and Adrienne Bassett of the MyWeb team

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