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  • Posted February 23rd, 2006 at 12:44 pm by Yahoo! Search
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We’ve been a big fan of Wikipedia for a while now, and we’ve been working together with the Wikimedia folks to make the Wikipedia even more accessible and easy to use. Now, as part of our larger effort to get people more answers in fewer clicks, when you see a Wikipedia result in Yahoo! Search, we’ll also include a section of links directly to the main sections of the Wikipedia entry, so you can quickly get to the exact information you’re looking for.

Just one example of how this can be useful: here at Yahoo!, we get free coffee as a perk of the job – nothing like a quick pick-me-up to start the day. Since I’m a health-conscious gal, I think a quick search for coffee is a good idea.


As you can see, the Wikipedia result now has a link to Coffee bean types which tells me that robusta coffee has more caffeine that Arabica. Speaking of caffeine, the link to the Wikipedia section on Sources of caffeine tells me that cup of tea might have less caffeine. After all, sleep deprivation. can have some pretty serious Effects on the brain. Maybe I’ll just have a glass of water.

Let us know what others kinds of information might be interesting and useful for us to highlight in the future.

Kalpana Ravinarayanan
Yahoo! Search

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