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  • Posted October 26th, 2005 at 8:37 am by Yahoo! Search
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For most people, trip planning begins with a search box. But a single search is just the start of what often becomes hours, even months of intensive online searching, sharing with friends, planning, and logistical details. What if, instead of having to do all your own research on ‘Paris hotels’ and ‘wine tasting in France,’ you could enter a single search and get a fully formed trip, courtesy of a fellow traveler, back? Even better, one that you could use to help plan your own trip’copying and changing it to fit your needs?

That’s the idea behind Trip Planner, now available in beta on Yahoo! Travel. It is part of our continuing effort to help people find, use, share and expand upon the knowledge on the Web.

Trip Planner is a new tool that helps you organize your travel research from Yahoo! Travel and all over the Web to a trip plan. Save hotels, attractions, and useful web sites into your trip plan, then add your own notes, tags, driving directions and more. When you’re done, you can share your trip with a few friends or with the entire Yahoo! Travel community.

You can already search for some pretty interesting trips by description, author, tags, and more, whether you’re a foodie visiting San Francisco or a newlywed headed for Seychelles. And because the people creating these trips are the millions of Yahoo! users in our network’there could potentially be as many types of trips as there are types of travelers.

Here’s an example of a search for ‘San Francisco’:

Try out Trip Planner and let us know what you think!

Katherine Tom
Yahoo! Travel Editor

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