New Yahoo! Search Marketing Alliance Program = More Money, More Client Resources

Back in 2001, Yahoo! Search Marketing was the first to provide industry-leading education, training programs and revenue opportunities to third party partners through our Ambassador Program. After four successful years, I’m excited to announce that we’re building on our commitment to this community by introducing a new Yahoo! Search Marketing Alliances program specifically designed to help agencies, search engine marketers (SEMs) and Web professionals earn money and grow their businesses.

Here is how the Yahoo! Search Marketing Alliances Program can work for you:

You are a Webmaster working with a few clients and you want them to succeed by marketing their sites more effectively. You can go to Yahoo! Search Marketing to review the Marketing Alliances program and decide if you want to manage or refer your client’s sponsored search accounts. Once you make that determination, sign up with the appropriate track to get access to online training materials, then study our products and services and take a certification test that once you pass qualifies you to participate in the program. Once you’ve achieved your designation for managing or referring clients, we’ll give you the tools you’ll need to better manage your clients’ search marketing campaigns or simply refer them to us for a commission. It’s that simple.

You’ll also receive a program logo to put on your site and marketing materials to promote your expertise. Additionally, you can receive customer credits and unlimited commissions based on your participation.

We’re very excited to introduce this program and think it will offer agencies, search engine marketers (SEMs) and Web professionals even greater opportunity to earn money and enhance their own client services. We are very interested in your feedback, we hope you’ll post a comment here.

Dan Boberg
Senior Director, Strategic Alliances

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