Interestingness and Clustering

Over on the href="">FlickrBlog, I just posted about some href="">cool new features which help
you surf through the giant waves of photos that are getting uploaded to
Flickr: ‘ href="">interestingness‘, a
way of discovering what Flickr users are paying attention to — and
therefore, because our users have such good taste, what’s good :) — and
‘clustering’ a way of delving deeper into tags you’re interested in.
It’s easier to show than to tell, so here are some examples: href="">love, href="">terror, href="">nose, href="">bush, href="">cameraphone.

Both interestingness and clustering rely a lot on what people are
doing, whether it’s with the photos they like, or the tags they are
using. You can think about it as people-powered searching. Check it out
on Flickr’s new explore page
(or href="">read more on the Flickr blog).

Stewart Butterfield

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