Marc Canter on Ourmedia’s Support of Media RSS

  • Posted May 17th, 2005 at 7:59 am by Yahoo! Search
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From time to time we’ve invited guest bloggers to write on the
Yahoo! Search blog. Today we have a post from Marc Canter, one of the
main forces behind href="">

Since its launch in late March, href=""> has quickly gained a
reputation as the place to upload and store works of personal media
for a global audience. We’re a nonprofit out to make it easy for the
masses to publish their videos, audio files, podcasts, photos – any
digital media.

And today we’re announcing our support for Media RSS output.

This not only gets us into sync with state-of-the-art media
publishing, but it also allows us to get all of the
content indexed into the Yahoo media search engine – so that LOTS of
people can find our material, whether it’s under traditional copyright
or a Creative Commons license.

As the open media world grows, having support from folks like Yahoo
really helps. Yahoo brings cred, resources and a professional approach
to a world rampant with hobbyists, amateurs and lovers of media – but
devoid of code repositories, test rigs and good QA control.

We’ve been working hard to bring the vision or free storage and
bandwidth to digital creators and having Media RSS support now enables
us to get that stuff to a wider world out there.

Marc Canter

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