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  • Posted April 7th, 2005 at 5:02 am by Yahoo! Search
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From time to time we’ve invited guest bloggers to write on the
Yahoo! Search blog. Today we have a post from href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Wales">Jimmy Wales,
president of the Wikimedia Foundation. We asked him to write a few
words about our donation to the foundation and our
efforts to better integrate Wikipedia content into Yahoo! Search worldwide.

Wikipedia is a global charitable effort to create and give away a
freely licensed encyclopedia in every language of the world. We have
achieved a remarkable amount in our short history (just over 4
years!), having built already the largest English language
encyclopedia in history, and very large encyclopedias in French,
German, and Japanese, as well as strong efforts underway in over 100
more languages.

In addition to Wikipedia, we have many spin-off projects of equal
importance from Wiktionary (dictionary) to Wikibooks (textbooks) to
Wikinews (news reporting) and more.

Our growth in web traffic continues to be staggering, doubling
every few months. Yahoo’s generous donation to our cause in the form
of servers, hosting and bandwidth will have a huge impact on our
ability to get our message of sharing knowledge out to the world.
Yahoo’s donation is purely charitable in nature with no requirements
for us to show advertising, and no ownership or control of our work by
Yahoo of any kind. Yahoo is simply enthusiastic about the goodness of
our work.

As our relationship with Yahoo has grown over the past year, we
began to talk about other ways that Yahoo could help us. One theme
that made sense for both of us was to think about Yahoo’s global reach
and Wikipedia’s global goals. As we have grown it has become apparent
that we can better serve our visitors by adding data centers around
the world.

With the growth of the many Asian Wikimedia communities, the
location of a new datacenter for Wikimedia in Asia made a lot of sense
to us both.

But as generous as the hosting is, we are even more excited about
Yahoo’s recognition of the value of our work in enhancing the
experience of Yahoo visitors. This exposure will let even more people
know about the great cultural things that are happening on the
Internet and get even more people involved in helping us to help each
other make the world a better place.


Wikimedia Foundation

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