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Yahoo! Launching New Search Index Tonight

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch had asked search engines to provide an algorithm "weather report" in his keynote address at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose last August. We think it's a good idea too. It is important to have a dialog with publishers who rely on our product to send them visitors and that these content providers provide us with valuable feedback on our search products.

So consider this our first weather report. We're releasing a new index tonight. You should see a lot of new content in the index as well as fluctuations in the rankings of results from previous searches. If you have any feedback for us about the new index please email: ystfeedback@yahoo.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Mayer
Yahoo! Search

P.S. No, this is not an April Fool's joke. Really.


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Woha, a good news and this gives me hope of getting my sites listed form 5 to 1 :D for few keywords...and getting site listed for some of the keywords which are listed well in other search engines but not visible at all in yahoo..


This is a great idea, thanks for providing the info.

Google could learn a thing or two from the way you guys treat publishers/webmasters.

Looking forward to the launch of Yahoo! Publisher Network.

Well have already started to notice some improvements regarding my rankings in yahoo.


I hope the process is stil going on coz my site is totally disappeared from listing, it was on #5 and #6 earlier...

I see some spam too...some blogs made with gifting term names..


Yes some improvements here as well. Now we need another update and soon so we can finally reach page 1 LOL
Thanks anyway

You never forget your first post!

Should we name this "fluctuation"? I say we let Tim name it for being the first to report it!

I did a search on Cialis on Yahoo: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Cialis&fr=FP-tab-web-t-222&toggle=1&ei=UTF-8 and I saw on the first 10 SERPs 8 blog spamming sites from witch 4 with redirects.
The results from 10 to 20 were only blog spamming sites as well. Not a good algo if you ask me. Spam is again king in Yahoo, redirects and sub domains with autogenerated content and junk sites are again on top. Just when I thought that Yahoo got this covered.

I did a search on Cialis on Yahoo: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Cialis&fr=FP-tab-web-t-222&toggle=1&ei=UTF-8 and I saw on the first 10 SERPs 8 blog spamming sites from witch 4 with redirects.
The results from 10 to 20 were only blog spamming sites as well. Not a good algo if you ask me. Spam is again king in Yahoo, redirects and sub domains with autogenerated content and junk sites are again on top. Just when I thought that Yahoo got this covered.
i am sure that this is available for all the other high competitive fields.

Dear diary, looks like Mr. Tim Mayer at Yahoo is announcing another new Yahoo search engine. Does this guy ever tire of lying. Samo, samo.

Mayer wouldn't know the difference between Spam and a good site if it hit square in the face. Yahoo is loaded with spam. Yahoo needs to hire people who can create and administer a quality search engine. What they have now is a farce.

Is Yahoo trying to use Geo targeting for as a ranking factor for some search terms? My hosting company is in Canada and my target audience is the US. We rank #1 for the main target keyword phrase in ca.search.yahoo.com under web search not searching under pages from Canada. But under the normal US search.yahoo.com we are #7. I think you all should not be using this until their a better way to figure out what audience a web page is targeted to.

"Spam is again king in Yahoo, redirects and sub domains with autogenerated content and junk sites are again on top. Just when I thought that Yahoo got this covered."

Calm down, look at the sector you are using to evaluate the entire engine. Of course some are more rampant than others. For the most part the engine provides good results, there will always be bad apples.

It's nice we're getting a heads up now though, thanks for taking the proactive approach and interacting with publishers/developers.

>It's nice we're getting a heads up now though, thanks for taking the proactive approach and interacting with publishers/developers.

Tim Mayer has never been straight with people regarding Yahoo penalties. It's impossible for him to behave in a legitimate fashion. If he told me it was raining I'd stick my head out the door before trusting anything he said. Yahoo has been taken over by spammers. Only "dummies" and "suck ups" see it as a quality search engine.

Do a search for "play texas holdem online" (no quotes). #5--funny:.)

"Do a search for "play texas holdem online" (no quotes). #5--funny:.)"

When I clicked on the #5 result, it took me a to an online game p*ker site with 70,000 users... dont see the funny thing in that...


Everything seems alright with that too. Good job Yahoo! Search...

Keep it rolling and helping us out.

#5 for "play texas holdem online"

Howes, John
practice areas include white collar crimes, fraud, homicide, robbery, and arson.
Category: Florida > Fort Lauderdale > Criminal Law Firms

I bet John would appreciate this:.)

Blog and message board spamming sill rules. Time to fire up my blog spamming program, thanks yahoo for making it so easy.

I also appreciate the notice. Not sure why any other engine would keep this such a secret anyway.

Results in my area look much cleaner.

I have been waiting for an update and excited that Yahoo has finally came out with one and trying to be more competitive in search but I see some major flaws. Sub-domains have taken over. Please do something about these spammy sub-domain sites - some of them like drugs.com you sell overture advertising on. I am sorry but if a domain has unrelated content to a word like drugs then it shouldnt be on there! Another example is the serps for "free background check" there are many sub-domain sites taking over. I use yahoo for every service but search because the product is STILL not up to what I expect in search.


Try this search stopped after 800. You will want to have your pop-up blocker on. Try the cached results. Interesting results


Superb Job - Well done Yahoo

So nice to see some quality results. In the sectors i watch many sites with doorway pages, keyword stuffed spam sites have gone at long last.

Its also great to see some quality rich content sites featuring in the results.

So far so good - this is the best update ive seen in ages. Great Job

Come on Rich TC Yahoo hasn't changed that much in a day. You've been yelping all over WW just the opposite. You must see it better because your site rankings increased or they removed your penalties. It's even more a spammer's paradise now. Is everybody in WW trying to kiss Tim Mayer's arse.

Great move Yahoo! I like this idea of letting people know what you're doing - hopefully others will follow in your footsteps.

This is bad, my sites are totally disappeared from the listing...I have no idea what is happening....all I can say is, none of my sites Spam..

and i think new indexing is done coz I do not see any changes compared to last night (India time), I still see blogs in gifting term results..


Thank you for the update and willingness to communicate more openly with EVERYONE (your competitors make many many searchers frustrated, too...not just the publishers).


Ditto garym's comments. A good balance between transparency and need to keep proprietary stuff, well, proprietary.

Look forward to hearing more.

Overall a search engines handed over to spammers and bloggers.

I have been watching yahoo stats for quite a while for various keywords. What i did notice is that for certain keywords there seems to be a lot of spam and for others the quality is the same as before even though some sites have changed rankings. Overall i would say spam has increased.

This has been a good move by yahoo since now it tells they are trying to improve but it seems they still have a long way to go.

ha ha, i get a kick out of wankers like DJ telling yahoo how they have to do things, lol.

"I am sorry but if a domain has unrelated content to a word like drugs then it shouldnt be on there!"

Says who? Who are you to tell anyone what they can have on THEIR site? I guess a site like yahoo.com should only have content about yahoos too, huh? Will the clueless ideology ever end?????

GREAT update from my point of view. Top10 positions across the board! Before I was only on page 1 for one keyword.

Also, love the idea of giving us notice. Google & MSN seem to think if they don't talk or give notice to webmasters that we won't notice anything happening.

Last, can you comment if Yahoo will 'dance' while updating like Google used to. Or will it be one single update?

Hi Kevin,

You cannot compare sub-domains of Yahoo vs. Drugs.com... I mean get real. But that was just one example of the sub domain problems I see in Yahoo. I am a Yahoo stockholder (and google too). I take deep pride in what Yahoo does and hate for Yahoo to look bad because of spammy sub domain web pages showing up in the serps. I am not telling yahoo what to do - I am hoping they notice these things and make changes for a more quality search engine.


Yahoo seems to have lost a lot of indexed pages in this update. Any idea why Tim ?

Hi Tim
Just an advice. Next time when you give up a heads-up weather report, turn of commenting for that post. Coz in the long run you will only be worn out reading comments coming from people who lost in the SERPS. Now i would not want that happening coz, you might change your mind about the weather report for Y! SE.

For most
SPAM = All sites above me.
So the further down they are, the more spammy the results look.

Love & Regards

This update has seemed to clean some of the dead wood and re-direct sites out of the results for the few keywords I follow.

Thanks for communicating. Nice contrast.

Any ballpark schedule for Algo updates?

So any ballpark schedules for updates?
e.g. end of every other month for algo and rolling for changes to sites/inbounds?

Nice update. When I search, I'm not trying to buy drugs online, I'm looking for information and I think a lot of people use search engines for the same. I find these results more relevant than Google, especially when I'm looking for current information. Your results are extra fresh. It's about time.

Tim, I see some definite improvements. but this is only the beginning, right?


Way to go Yahoo!

About time one of the majors showed some consideration of us poor publishers.

BTW, Thanks for keeping all those pages of mine sp=1.


So somebody know yahoo drop a lot of sites? What is the reason of yahoo drop sites? Some of our sites drop from several hundred pages to several pages

I aggreed with Boredguru on top.

I try searching for products I sell.... Yahoo drop all or my links (100%) and put all spam site and some new site with 0 PR on top, what is going on?


Thank you Yahoo! for being so open with webmasters. It is refreshing.

White hat sites dropped thousands and thousands of pages, not too happy with the update so far.

I'm 100% for constant innovation so to provide the best results possible...but these new results are proven to show more spam than ever. Trickery ways of getting to the top are showing spammers they can easily reach the top with Yahoo results, so this will only breed additional spammers. I think the previous algo was a bit more relevant and less spammy. My results have not changed either...still in the top, but just looking around, it's horrible to see so much crap on the top.

my site used to have more than 2000 pages indexed. all legitimate product pages, now it only have 130 pages in index. I wouldn't call this a good update.

Thanks Tim! Good idea to take action on this. You guys are on your way up for sure!

Thank you for the heads up on the index update. It's helpful to know when I should test the sites I manage (to provide my clients with a monthly report). Unfortunately I had just finished my monthly tests on March 30th.

I manage a number of sites for local businesses and I can't say I see any difference.

However, there does seem to be an improvement in the depth a page is indexed. I can find obscure text located at the bottom of long pages. That's very helpful for some of the research I do. Thank you.

BTW - I have three terms that ranked steady through April 1st; no change at all. So the change can't be as bad as some of these tissue saturated postings are letting on to.

I hope these guys aren't trying to sell with the same english they use to post here!

Reading the comments above about spam, blogs, etc I think those people ae confused. They are actually describing the 'new' MSN Search - as pathetic a search engine as has existed for many years.
Yahoo has made considerable progress over the last year. To truly distinguish yourself (Yahoo), why not toss all directories except ODP, Yahoo and a few others, toss affiliate sites, toss most sites with Google adsense and toss ALL the sites of the arrogant marketing dweebs who complain about everything at WMW because they don't make enough money from their www spam/scam sites with adsense. Poor babies...

I do agree with the poster above that says that Yahoo has made considerable progress over the last year - but glad he is not running Yahoo.

However, this update has lost lots of pages - slurp is still crawling so I expect these pages to come back - but Yahoo needs to get better at crawling deeply and keeping pages indexed.

I've just searched on Cigarettes on Yahoo:


only 3 sites in SERP are normal sites, others 7 are spamming dorrway swith redirects.

I agree = Spam is again king in Yahoo.


I agree 100%. Everybody seems to be talking about his/her own sites. What matters here is providing the best search results for every web searcher out there and having your blinders on will not qualify you to make any producive suggestions. Who cares about your sites?

And by the way, the guy 2 spots above me must be nuts. DMOZ has the absolutely worst and most useless search results out there. JoeAnt, Skaffe and Jayde are somewhat on it but ODP is an absolute joke as their listings have been tainting the organic web search results for the past 2-3 years.

clarification: I agreed with Stephen, not Alex ... and the fool above Stephen is the one who has lost his marbles a long time ago, Alex must have posted at the same time as me.

The explosion in web spam in recent years is largely driven by Google Adsense and the linking schemes devised to pay homage to the outdated Page Rank algo. Most "directories" are scams and frauds and scrapers. At least Yahoo is on-page content driven as opposed to the Google off-page link driven nonsense that the adsense and affiliate crowd manipulates to the detriment of all search engines. In a very true sense, Google is responsible for a large portion of the www spam that all search engines now struggle with. Yahoo is the single best hope for a truly relevant search engine for INFORMATION as opposed to a vehicle for people whose primary web presense is to sell, sell, sell, or otherwise make $$$ by any means possible using the www.

Wouldn't it just make sense to have a combination of many factors determine the relevance of a web site for a specific search term? Content is very important in my opinion.
But content is very easy to manipulate as well.
I am sure that Google and Yahoo! alike are working on improvements. About msn: not sure.
Spam has many faces. Spam comes from bad DMOZ results, on site optimization tricks as well as false links. I believe in working on all areas which can help determine whether a site is relevant or not. Foccussing on artificial factors such as PR is garbage, but wouldn't you say that a web site that is being listed in the USA Today Hot Sites section should be paid more attention to since they get 2 thumbs up from a major web site?

My own website still gets top ranking for our best keyword phrases as it has for years. Some of my clients are having varied results with smaller websites, less links or less time online.

My concern is my webstats. Yahoo and MSN were on the top with Google for referrals until recently. The last few months show only image searches for people who like to steal my graphics, though some people actually hired us for graphics design.

The most used search engines are the ones on which we hope to get top ranking and we do. But with top ranking, we used to get clicks. Are we still getting clicks and they are just not showing in the referrers on webstats? Or are people using other search engines?

I agree that the search engine results must be of better quality for people to continue to use the search engine. It is also important for website owners to know how many visits were referred from that search engine. If we aren't getting as many visits, we need to know why.

Is there some major change we need to do as webmasters to please the search engine robots? I know that MSN bot now looks for the robots.txt file and doesn't like commas between meta keywords. Google doesn't even read meta tags. What does Yahoo want?


People who complain about DMOZ are most likely those who try and try but can't get listed in DMOZ. The primary source of spam on the www has nothing to do with DMOZ or the spammy 2004 version of the Yahoo directory, nor is it hidden text or other childish techniques people use to acquire better rankings. It is individuals who machine-generate thousands, 10s of thousands, 100s of thousands or even MILLIONS of spam / scraper pages; and then these creeps have the audacity to complain in public "webmaster" forums that Google or Yahoo won't index all their pages. And then there are blogs, often used not just to provide hype and links to mediocre sites, but increasingly being used by spammers to generate many thousands of almost identical pages of blog spam with links to p*rn sites etc. And then there are the various cloaking techniques and much more. It's remarkable that Yahoo and Google can provide any useful product (SERPs) in the face of all this spam; and in recent months, Yahoo is doing it better.

blah blah blah
this is about Yahoo! not DMOZ. noone cares about DMOZ and it's only purpose of existance is being one big link farm/FFA site to obtain rankings in Google.

Moving on: the Yahoo! Directory has definitely improved and the fact that editors are actively seeking out quality sites from sources such as USA Today Hotsites is also a plus. The paid fee to get in ensures that at least webmasters are serious about their own sites and willing to make it valuable.

The Yahoo! results are getting way better and glitches such as the "cigarettes" results mentioned above are not as much of a disturbance to web surfers as they are to competitors.
(I smoke and am not proud of it, but I am not in the cigarette business. When I buy cartons online, I don't care if I got them thru a redirect as long as it's my brand and the price is right and my credit card info is not being resold).

If you guys are not intelligent enough to see the bigger picture, please refrain from commenting here.

Yahoo! is doing a great job improving and I doubt it has stopped here.
I myself am in the search engine optimization business as well but my research evolves more around what web searchers are looking for since customer service is everything and always the direction we are headed. Pleasing customers and making a profit simple as that :)


Site Tutor said: "If you guys are not intelligent enough to see the bigger picture, please refrain from commenting here."

Apparently, insulting me personally in your various posts above was not sufficient, so now you demonstrate that you are willing to insult anybody whom you disagree with.
Also, I doubt Yahoo has assigned you the position of "Thread Police". You really are quite boring Site Tutor.

Finally, kudos to Yahoo for the 'heads-up' on the update. May it be the harbinger of good things to come.

Sorry guys, but this weblog is not for "why I edit for DMOZ", "why am I not being ranked" ... that is what search engine marketing forums are for.

One thing I like is variety. When I want to search for something, I would like to see a huge results that are commercial and sites that are informative. Google has been the information search engine for a very long time and that has made it very popular. When I now type in " San Diego " into Yahoo! I seem to get more informative sites. That is very good because it offers a variety of options whether I want to find out about seaworld, the zoo or nightlife.
There are enough commercial airline sites in the advertising section and I don't believe too many more commercial sites will increase Yahoo!'s popularity too much.
Going back to "cigarettes", people may also want some cancer information sites or self help groups (discussion boards) as well as of course the " cheap smokes " garbage which turns up anyways.

When I search for " dmoz " I would like to find dmoz.org, a demos sucks page, a dmoz praise page and a link to a thread in a popular forum about DMOZ.

That is what I believe the web searchers want and I believe that Yahoo! is on the right track.

Thank you for listening.


I think the latest major update was pretty good, so far as I have seen. I also want to tip my hat to the team at Yahoo! Search as I think they have made pretty impressive improvements in their search results and features over the past 6 months. SPAM is a problem that every search engine has and will have so long as people make money from the search results. So, I don't seem the spammers leaving the search results pages anytime soon. I don't think Yahoo is doing any worse than Google at this point, and that is the "benchmark."

I was very surprised.
My page disappeared from yahoo.

Let's do very.

Even if it smoothes one's feathers, and a new site is made, are you registered?

I prefered the old Yahoo results - can we go back to those please?

What did you like better about them, Mandy?

Thanks for de-rating me with sites that have worse popularity, worse links popularity.

Do a search on "bar plans", then compare the stats on #2 and #3 to #4. I dropped from #2 to #4 and my competitors rose from nowhere, to above me.
I was stable for many years.
Can't say I really like the change.
Looks like Google and Yahoo are going to do the MSIE, Netscape thing...no more standardization.

What the heck did you guys do to the index last night? These results are simply awful. I went looking for things that were at the top of the results just the other day and they had vanished only to be replaced with stuff that's not as relevant. That'll teach me to bookmark everything I like from now on.

It was fine as you had it. You should have left it alone.

The conversation here seems to have wandered off topic and degraded into a discussion of who 'won' and 'lost' after the update with some name-calling for good measure. We're disabling comments on this entry.