Firefox Got Yahoo!

If you’ve been following href="">Asa’s blog, you
probably already know that Firefox is well on its way to 25 million
downloads worldwide. Well Yahoo! has certainly href="">noticed and
believe me, Firefox is very popular here at Yahoo! too.

However, a lot of us also rely on the convenience of Yahoo!
Toolbar, and now we can make the switch to Firefox too. For the last
month, we’ve been working with a team of Yahoos from around the
company who have provided some Mozilla expertise to build the beta
version of the Yahoo!
Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

There are still some rough edges in this beta. Like any Firefox
extension, it may cause your browser to misbehave in unexpected ways.
It’s been working well for us on Windows, and we’re testing on Mac,
Linux, and FreeBSD as well. See the href="">release
notes for more details.

What’s in it?

If you’ve never used the Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer,
here’s a quick list of some of the cool features:

  • Easy access to Yahoo! Search
  • Bookmarks and custom buttons that follow you anywhere
  • Search This Site to find results just for the current web site
  • Search History to remember your previous searches
  • Translate This Page based on the popular href="">Babelfish tools
  • Mail notification when new Yahoo! Mail arrives
  • One click access to Yahoo! Games, Finance, News, Sports and any
    web site you choose
  • New Feature: One click “Add to My Yahoo” on sites that provide
    RSS/Atom feeds

Now this isn’t the first Firefox extension that ties into
Yahoo!. We recently href="">released
our Y!Q
contextual search technology that provides related results on the fly

The support and community that continues to grow around Firefox is
amazing and we’re proud to be part of it. In fact, the Yahoo! Toolbar
Beta is just one of many Firefox goodies you can expect to see from us
this year, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, please let us know what you think
about it. Does it work well for you? Are there features you’d like

Duke Fan

Yahoo! Toolbar Product Manager

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