A Defense Against Comment Spam

I’m pleased to announce that Yahoo! Search is one of several organizations in support of a technique that should help combat weblog comment spam. Others involved are: Google/Blogger, MSN Search, Six Apart (TypePad, MovableType, LiveJournal), and WordPress.

By adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to hyperlinks, webmasters and weblog owners can tell search engines that the links are effectively untrusted. For example, this:

<a href="http://spammer.example.com/">buy now</a>

Becomes this:

<a href="http://spammer.example.com/" rel="nofollow">buy now</a>

We think this is a good first step toward significantly reducing the spam burden on bloggers and weblog hosting companies. It’s great to see so many players on board. In the coming weeks you can expect to see the changes reflected in our web index.

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Jeremy Zawodny

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