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  • Posted November 15th, 2004 at 2:52 pm by Yahoo! Search
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As we said back in September, every so often, non-Yahoo’s will be showing up here to blog about their views on search or share some news. Today, Andy Boyer from Open WorldCat is joining us to introduce the new Yahoo!/OCLC toolbar…

Want a quick way to find library resources online?

The OCLC — Online Computer Library Center — has teamed up with the Yahoo! Toolbar folks to make it easier for you to access two million of the most popular records found in WorldCat, a central catalog of library holdings. The Yahoo!/OCLC toolbar is a project associated with Open WorldCat, a new OCLC initiative designed to increase the online visibility of libraries and their collections.

The toolbar lets you restrict your search to just the WorldCat database and locate libraries in your area that house materials you’d expect to find in libraries: books, movies, and historical archives.

To find WorldCat records, enter a search term in the toolbar’s search box, and click either the WorldCat logo or select “Libraries” from the drop-down menu next to the “Search Web” button.

Toolbar and Worldcat Integration

The WorldCat bibliographic database was built by thousands of librarians over several decades, and maintained by OCLC. It has 57 million catalog records for items in nearly 1 billion locations.

We’re busy making the rest of the WorldCat database available to crawl and if you’re interested in watching it grow (every 12 seconds, a new record is added to WorldCat), check out:

Also, if you’re attending the Internet Librarian conference in Monterey this week, stop by the Yahoo! Search-sponsored Internet Caf’ where the Yahoo!/OCLC toolbar will be on every computer.

Andy Boyer
Open WorldCat Product Manager

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